Best Coffee Gifts Between £25 to £50

Choosing the right gift this time of year can be a real challenge – but given we live in a nation of coffee lovers a good coffee themed gift can get you out of a tight spot.

These are the best coffee gifts in the £25 to £50 price bracket that you get with a single click! No sore feet, queuing or getting a chill while hauling yourself around town on a wild goose chase.

These are all great ideas for presents this Christmas. Shopping in the £25 to £50 bracket gets you a lot of bang for your buck. There is a host of great coffee makers available, some of which can really improve peoples daily coffee habit.

Take a look at the list below.

De’Longhi KG79 Burr Grinder

Nothing will improve the flavour of your home brewed coffee quite like a good grinder. Burr grinders are the gold standard as they crush beans to even particle sizes meaning you don’t get any yucky fine powder that will over-extract and make your coffee bitter and gritty.

The KG79 is an absolute steal. It has stunning looks thanks to its matt black finish and lovely square lines. Up top is a 120-gram bean hopper for storing beans – this has smoked plastic to help keep them fresh.

The controls are two wheels letting you set the fineness of your grind and the quantity of beans you need to crush. Beans are gathered into the basket below which attaches and detaches easily so and does not have any annoying static problems, meaning you don’t get grounds everywhere when trying to make a cuppa!

It features two flat steel burrs and the top one can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. It runs smoothly and quietly too so will not wake the whole house up when you get a brew on early doors.

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Tassimmo Happy Coffee Machine

There are a few simple pod machines on the market at this price. We like the retro looks of the Tassimo Happy which is easy to operate and clean.

This comes with a three-year warranty, boasts a 0.7-litre water tank and has an instant heating system that allows you to make one drink after the next without delay.

It will let you make drinks using Tassimo’s trademarked T-Disc pods. The T-Disc pods offer a 35-strong selection of drinks encompassing coffees, teas and hot chocolate.

Its a fairly compact affair measuring just H26.8 x 17.5 and D30.5. Who said big gifts are better?

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Dripster Cold Brew Coffee Dripper

It may be chilly now but the golden days of cold dip coffee are a matter of weeks away. Cold-brew is delicious and refreshing because cold water extraction makes a coffee that is sweeter and more aromatic than hot stuff.

This Pyrex glass cold brew dripper will make 600ml of the good stuff at a time and features everything you need to get started. Fill the upper chamber with ice. Set the drip rate, fill the grounds basket and let it get to work.

It will take a few hours to make your coffee but it will be worth it. Cold-brew is easier on the stomach than the hot stuff so good for people who struggle with normal stuff. Cold Brew is a great addition to cocktails for anyone getting into mixology.

Dripster is a German-based startup passionate about the beguiling fruity delights of cold brew and have packaged the item pleasingly, which really adds to its gift-potential we think.

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VonShef Espresso Machine

This little VonShef machine answers the question: ‘Can you get a decent espresso machine for under £50?” with a resounding YES.

The little unit holds up to 280ml of water and makes ‘espresso’ at 4-bar pressure. We say ‘espresso’ because a true Italian thimble of coffee is made at 9-bar pressure.

The espresso does lack some of the thickness and crema that you get with a true machine, but it is still a lovely intense shot of coffee. You can’t really get a 9-bar machine for less than three times this price.

What it lacks for in pushing power it makes up for elsewhere. It is highly compact and looks great and classy thanks to its high-end stainless steel finish. It’s also dishwasher safe and comes with a lovely glass carafe attachment too.

The best feature is the frothing wand. We had pretty low expectations but found it did an excellent job of warming and frothing milk after a couple of mins perseverance.

A great little buy – especially for anyone that wants a convincing cappuccino at home!

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Nespresso Pod Holder Drawer

Where and how to store your coffee pods is a question many pod aficionados struggle with. Storing them in a bowl can make it tricky to find the one you want and boxes on the countertop can look untidy.

This pod drawer is a very nice solution bound to please any neat-freak members of your friends and family. The aesthetics of it will fit most spaces and it is fairly discreet with a good build quality. It is designed to go under your pod machine to create a countertop coffee station. Very posh.

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Home Coffee Roaster

Any hardcore coffee nuts you are buying for probably have a lot of brewing gear already. We would wager they don’t have one of these. In many ways, you would have to be a bit mad to want one and so obviously, we at the Coffee Bazaar can firmly see the appeal.

This electric unit will roast over 1KG of beans at a time and has an adjustable setting allowing it to bake your beans at between 100 and 240 degrees Celsius. It even has a see-through lid so you can watch the magic happen.

The aromas this will fill your home with are untrue. It will also allow you to source your own raw beans – creating a more direct link between the drinker and grower. Experimenting with different roasts is fun and will allow coffee geeks to play more with the brewing process.

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Bialetti Espresso Cups

What is it about Italian design that makes it so appealing?!

These great looking coffee cups come from one of the most reputable brands in coffee and look cool as hell. This set of six hexagonal glazed cups are large enough to take espressos, cortados or macchiatos and are nicely glazed with bold colours.

The look and feel of them screams quality and are perfect for anyone who likes short coffees.

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