Best Coffee Shops in Liverpool

Where are the best coffee shops in Liverpool?

There is something of a coffee scene emerging in Liverpool, with independent outfits springing up left right and centre in a bid to appeal to the eclectic tastes of the Scouse java junkie.

Most of the best bean action is to be found in the area around the city centres main drag, Bold Street, and trendy up-and-coming area of the Baltic Triangle. The latter is located on the edge of the city centre towards the city’s iconic waterfront and well worth checking out when visiting.

The great thing about the proliferation of coffee houses across the city is the lack of a one-size-fits-all approach. Given such a competitive market, the indies below have all worked hard to move away from the generic aesthetic approach peddled by the big three high-street chains.

Here’s a run-down of our favourite top 7 coffee shops in Liverpool and why we like ’em…

Coffee and Fandisha

Best for: coffee nerds
how to get there

Fandisha is an Ethiopian food like popcorn, which is typically served with a cuppa in Addis Ababa. Strangely enough, Coffee and Fandisha does not serve fandisha.

Coffee and Fandisha Liverpool

It does however serve top-quality coffee. Although the options change according to what beans are in stock a helpful chalkboard with tasting notes assists punters in making the right choice from a handful of different coffees.

The establishment is located at the heart of the trendy Baltic Triangle and the atmosphere is super laid back. While fandisha is not served, a solid range of delicious cakes is offered as well as a fairly varied menu – with plenty of vegan, veggie, and gluten-free options to choose from.

92 Degrees

Best for: relaxing
how to get there

There are a couple of 92 degrees in the city, but our fave is the one on Hardman Street. Its sister unit in the Baltic Triangle can be a bit busier due to its proximity to local offices and lacks the same laid-back charm.

92 Degrees Coffee Shop Liverpool

The good folk at 92 roast their own beans and offer coffee in just about every conceivable way you could want it. The cafes ample comfy seating and large windows make it a great place to linger over a cuppa.

Bean There Coffee Shop

Best for: music fans
how to get there

If the Beatles had written the song ‘Penny Lane’ in 2019 then surely this coffee shop would have made it into the lyrics.

Located a stone’s throw from the street immortalized in the 1967 hit, Bean There is a great place to sip a cuppa while soaking up a piece of musical folklore.

Bean There Coffee Shop Liverpool

It is also a decent choice for anybody looking to work, owing to a decent wi-fi speed, quiet atmosphere, and plenty of plugs for laptops as well as tables for pads and paper.

Bold St Coffee

Best for: eating
how to get there

Located on the city centre’s main thoroughfare, Bold Street Coffee is something of a tardis once you get inside. In addition to a solid selection of coffees, the cafe boasts an excellent and complete food offering.

Bold Street Coffee Shop, Liverpool

The usual cafe fare of soup, sardines, and salads are available and done well – but there are also more elaborate menu options to please any gourmand.

Ropes and Twines

Best for: Sobering up
how to get there

A strange name and a strange sort of place.

Ropes and Twines Liverpool

Ropes and Twine is kind of split in two, with the rear of the cafe offering a huge selection of wines by the glass.

The front has a very odd looking coffee machine that churns out some lovely stuff, especially when you have had a few too many glasses of French red…


Best for: cycle buffs
how to get there

This bustling cycle cafe is a haven for those who love life on two wheels. In addition to offering coffee, you can also pick up cycling accessories or get your bike repaired.

Ryde Coffee Shop, Liverpool, Baltic Triangle

It is located inside a historic and now-defunct Liverpool brewery close to the Baltic Triangle and has good outdoor seating.

Plenty of good food on the menu to refuel tired legs, including a surprisingly tasty hummus pasta bake (Italians look away now).

Mother Espresso

Best for: working
how to get there

This hidden gem lies just off Bold Street and is a great place to dive into if you need to get some work done but are without an office.

Mother Espresso Liverpool

There’s a plug for each diner at the table-cum-desks and it is open till late on a Thursday and Friday if you find yourself in the need of burning the midnight oil on a project.

Plenty of good food on the menu too – including a host of options for vegans (for once).

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