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Coffee Advent Calendars – Caffeine Boost for December

The Brew Company

A quality product. This is the perfect advent calendar for those who like to share a cup of coffee with a friend or loved one, as each Coffeebrewer contains 20-22gs, which comfortably makes 2 cups of coffee.  This quality calendar would be the perfect start to every day in December with 25 single-origin, speciality coffees from 25 different specific regions.  Only the best organic coffee beans are purchased and slowly hand roasted to create perfection.  What’s more, if you are ethically minded then you can rest assured that this company only uses fair trade coffee beans and is CO2 and plastic neutral.  Sustainable luxury! 

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Yawn Brew

A traditional looking biodegradable advent calendar with 24 doors to open from the front.  Coffees are all lovingly sourced from all over the world including beans from India, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Java, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra and Brazil.  A different roast each day.  Each bag contains 18gs, enough for 2 cups so perfect to to share or treat yourself to an extra cup!

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The Coffee and Tea Company

This calendar contains whole beans but the same company also produces freshly ground, coffee bag and pad options.  The calendar contains 13 premium organic coffees, 6 fair trade varieties and each year a rare special variety. The calendar itself is aesthetically pleasing and can be easily mounted onto a wall.  It also comes with an information booklet about the origin and profile of the coffee.  Each day there is a re- sealable environmentally friendly package of fresh, delicious beans – enough for a large mug or 2 small cups.  Also comes with a free surprise.

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Tilz Collection

Twenty four days of flavoured, ground coffee for use in a cafetiere. This advent calendar is about the flavour of the coffee containing the following 8 types on repeat – Colombian, amaretto, Irish cream, French vanilla, Italian, mocha, hazelnut and dark roasted ground coffee. Unlike other options the beans are not fair trade or organic which may be a factor for environmentally conscious consumers. There is less variety than in other calendars but the price is lower.

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L’Or Pod Advent Calendar

If you have a compatible coffee machine then this is a great way to try 24 different blends and intensities of coffee with a different pod a day throughout december. Compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, daily coffee comes in an airtight aluminium pod. Includes espresso, ristretto, lungo, decaffeinato, single origin, sublime & limited creation. Coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified so has an environmental and social impact.

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