You would be forgiven for thinking that the age of instant coffee is over. In an era of coffee pod machines, coffee bags, coffee subscription services and single origin micro-lots…surely the days of instant are numbered. Well guess what? Global sales of instant coffee are increasing by around 10% aRead More →

What exactly is a flat white coffee? The flat white is something of a new kid on the block when it comes to coffee shop menus. Depending on who’s origin story you buy, the drink either hails from Sydney or Melbourne in Australia or Wellington in New Zealand. There areRead More →

An accidental coffee spill can stain your carpets and clothes, so what about your teeth? Unfortunately for coffee drinkers – knocking back regular cups of joe is going to cause their teeth to darken and yellow over time as natural dark compounds from your brew build up on your gnashers. ButRead More →

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup now in full swing in Russia, we take a look at the different coffee drinking habits of all 32 competing nations. Does coffee have any correlation with the top footballing nations? The Finnish, Norwegians and Dutch drink the most, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ethiopia areRead More →