10 Great Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers Under £50

Everyone knows a coffee addict. Or should I say coffee connoisseur? Same difference really. This is the person that can be seen grinding their own beans at their desk each morning and turns their nose up at the free knock-off ‘Bescafe’ instant coffee in the staff kitchen. They can be heard remarking on the excellent crema on their espresso and perhaps spends their weekends in small independent coffee shops sampling the macchiatos.

If you get stuck when it comes to buying gifts for these people then fear not – these are our people. We know them, as we are them. So we’ve put together this handy gift guide for you, providing present inspiration for those caffeine lovers in your life. Here we go….

  1. Coffee Subscription Box – from £6.50 per month
  2. Wooden Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip – £8
  3. Eco-friendly Travel Mug – £11
  4. Set of Coffee Glasses – £15
  5. World Atlas of Coffee Book – £15
  6. Coffee Scented Candle – £19
  7. Creme Brulee Coffee Beans – £24
  8. Eco Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster – £39
  9. Chemex Coffee Maker – £40
  10. Minipresso – £50


Coffee Subscription Box – from £6.50 p.m.

There are a number of different coffee subscriptions available but we particularly like these from Django Coffe Co. Starting at £6.50 per month, you simply choose how much coffee you want (in multiples of 250g) and how frequently you want it delivered and they will do the rest, sending you a variety of their whole bean coffee from Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia and Peru.

More details at Django Coffee Co. »


Wooden Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip – approx. £50

This is one of those items that you don’t know you need until you try it and then you’ll use it forever. Keep your coffee bags closed tight with the clip and then when it comes time to brew up, simply use the spoon to measure out the perfect amount. Its genius is in its simplicity.

Check price at Amazon »


Eco Friendly Travel Mug – approx. £11

Coffee travel mugs are typically dull, dull, dull. Well not so this travel mug. It comes in 10 ridiculously jazzy designs – each more decorative than the last, and as it is made from bamboo fibres it is eco-friendly. Will happily go through a dishwasher cycle too.

Check price at Amazon »


Set of Coffee Glasses – approx. £15

These glasses are possibly the most stylish way to sip your morning cappuccino. This set of two double-walled glasses will ensure your coffee stays hot but your hands stay unscolded. Sip away and pretend you’re in Italy.

Check price at Amazon »


World Atlas of Coffee Book – approx. £15

World Atlas of Coffee Book

There is a risk that the recipient of this gift will turn into the World greatest coffee bore. That’s because it is absolutely packed to the brim with information and facts about coffee from all of the worlds greatest coffee regions. What’s more it is beatifully presented in hardback with stunning photography and illustrations throughout.

Check price at Amazon »


Coffee Scented Candle – approx. £19

I know for some people that the finest thing about coffee is just how damn good it smells. Well what could be a better present for a friend or relative than the gift of making their whole house smell amazing with this coffee scented candle from Yankee Candles. Comes in various flavours including wild fig, spiced orange and cappuccino truffle.

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Creme Brulee Coffee Beans – approx. £24

Even for the coffee connoisseur who has everything, you can never have too many coffee beans. So more beans are sure to be gratefully received – especially if they are a bit special or unusual. These creme brulee beans from Gurmans certainly hit that mark. 100% arabica and perfect for espresso machines, these whole roasted beans also come in several other flavours such as chocolate cherry, hazelnut and Irish cream. I can taste them just writing it.

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Eco Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster – approx. £39

Roasting your own beans at home is the next level for the coffee aficionado, and it can require some serious kit – but this mini roaster makes it simple. Simply pop your unroasted beans into the cermaic hopper, hold onto the leather handle and move in a figure of eight over a gas hob or camping stove until roasted to perfection. It’s very unlikely your coffee loving recipient will ever have been gifted one of these!

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Chemex Coffee Maker – approx. £40

Now, no doubt your giftee will have a coffee maker of some description, but they probably won’t have one quite like this. This Chemex coffee maker allows you to brew coffee in the ‘chemically correct’ way. As it’s glass, it won’t absorb any odours or residue and using the special chemex filter papers, you will be able to make a perfect, incredible tasting brew every time. Available in 3, 6, 8 or 10 cup versions, this product is very well reviewed and well thought of among the coffee community.

Check price at Amazon »


Minipresso – approx. £50

If your intended coffee-loving recipient is always out and about then this will be right up their street. This is a tiny coffee maker, compatible with Nespresso coffee pods, which allows you to make a delicious cup of fresh coffee on the go wherever you are – even if that is halfway up a mountain.

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